2011 Faculty Feature: Timm Sharp

Timm Sharp, soon to be seen in HBO's new comedy, Enlightened, beginning in September

2011 Faculty Feature
TPAS is excited to provide regional arts education programming this summer taught by high caliber instructors, educators, and experienced professionals from down the street and across the nation. Each faculty member contributes something unique and special to the learning experiences that happen at Trollwood.

2011 Faculty member Timm Sharp is slated to teach two Trollwood Academy classes this June: Advanced Improvisation and Scene Study.

Timm Sharp is no stranger to Trollwood—as a Fargo North High School senior, he was cast as the hysterically funny house slave Hysterium for Trollwood’s 1997 production of A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum. Since then, Timm has launched a successful acting career, starring in television comedy series, movies, and voice roles. For his latest successful project, Timm portrays Laura Dern’s boss, her main nemesis and a “bad guy,” in the new comedy series “Enlightened,” which airs Sunday evenings on HBO beginning in September.

We recently caught up with Timm via phone, and here’s what he had to share:
Your favorite Trollwood memory: Hearing 2 of my improvisation teachers, who were from LA and New York City, talk about their experiences really made those cities a reality for me, just a kid from the Midwest, and made me want to go there and work.

Also, the level of support from my Trollwood instructors, but especially the support and camaraderie from my peers while we were together at Trollwood was really cool, which is an aspect I think is often lacking at regular high school.

Best lesson you learned at Trollwood: I was auditioning for my third Trollwood musical, it was my senior year, and I didn’t really prep for the audition. The lead went to my best friend instead (A Funny Thing…). Michael Walling later told me, “You phoned it in.” The moral is that if you put in the work, you can do anything. If you don’t put in the work, be prepared to fail. Without having learned that lesson at Trollwood, I wouldn’t have worked as hard to get where I’m at today, and that hard work has paid off.

Goal(s) for your Trollwood classes this summer: I hope to inspire Trollwood students to reach for the stars, and then put in the work to attain them. And, build up each person’s confidence. Ninety percent of getting my roles in LA come down to having confidence in myself—just like succeeding at any aspect in life is all about confidence.

For a full roster of Trollwood Academy classes and a summer schedule, go to www.trollwood.org and download the PERFORMER program catalog.

For a full list of Timm’s acting credits, visit www.IMDb.com

One thought on “2011 Faculty Feature: Timm Sharp

  1. So excited to see one of my favorite people to work with headed home to teach.

    Timm will be a perfect addition to the already wonderful Trollwood staff! I only wish I could come and take a class from him!

    — Melissa

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